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Know More About Halong Bay Cruises.

Halong Bay is indeed one of the most visited place by tourists whenever they go to Vietnam. The UNESCO has plotted different world natural heritage sites all over the world, and Halong Bay is one of them. It cannot be denied that all the caves, beaches and islands that can be found in Halong Bay are definitely a masterpiece and simply unique! Simply saying, the Halong Bay is a legend of Vietnam that surely needs to be explored by everyone allover the world. You will surely have an unforgettable experience as you discover the Halong Bay most especially when you do it in cruise.

You can try out different cruises when you visit the Halong Bay, and one of the cruises that you might want to try is the Paradise Cruise which requires a little more amount of money, nevertheless, the Paradise Cruise is very worthy of your money because of the state of the art facilities and world class experience that you will feel. You cannot actually blame the Cruise if they will ask for extra payment since you will feel an extraordinary experience starting with its clean and trendy bathrooms, up to its comfortable beds, and not to mention the private balcony where you can feel the cold breeze of the air as you ride the cruise.

There are surely a lot of cruises that can be offered in the Halong Bay, however, the best one is definitely the Paradise Cruise. There are surely a lot of offers inside the cruise which includes your lunch and breakfast which is in a buffet table and of course, your dinner which is on a set meal. You will be provided a good meal, high standard, nicely presented. The staffs of the cruise are also very attentive and accommodating and they are also very alert when it comes to providing the needs of their customers. Another good thing about the Paradise Cruise is that, all the activities that you will experience on the board are already paid, unlike on other cruises where you still need to pay extra amount for other activities such as kayaking. The Paradise Cruise indeed made justice to its name since the experience will definitely take you to paradise and escape the stressful world of reality and just enjoy the beauty of the world.

The colonial style inspired the launching of the Paradise Cruise which was opened last 2008 and 2009. You will surely feel comfortable inside the cruise because of the architectural elements that will make you feel warmth including the wooden floors, creamy silk, crispy white linens and of course, the luxurious atmosphere.

Apart from the Paradise Cruise, you can also try one of the most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay which is the Indochina Sails. Indochina Sails is indeed one of the best luxurious cruise in Halong Bay because of its clean bedrooms, delicious foods, high standard service and of course, their friendly staffs.

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